24 April 2011

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Oh what beautiful weather for a Bank Holiday Weekend. I'm currently doing evenings in the shop I work in and then going straight to the nightclub job, one night left of the Bank Holiday weekender.. until next week. The boyfriend and I have had time to go and enjoy some of the sunshine, today we ventured to Windermere in the Lake District however we did not leave Lancaster until 3pm and there was just far too many people around. Instead drove up around the lake and had a small walk until driving back.

My week has literally been work work work. Will be very thankful when the wages come through but right now I am tired and need time to finish my dissertation. Oh the life of a 3rd year.

Black t-shirts are my work uniform for both jobs. Fine over girlie summer dresses for the shop job, but always over black body con skirts and leggings for the bar job. On the search for the perfect black skirt with pockets but it is impossible!

I have been forever obsessed with pink. £6 Primark shoes. 
Barry M Blusher 001 and Boots 17 Blushes in First Flush and China Pink

Treats this week have included 2am takeaways and at last getting to wear my Primark sandals - £8

Now I am sitting in my towel trying to put of getting ready for work. My mother phoned yesterday to say she has an Easter Egg at home for me but refused to post it when I asked. I assume she thought I was joking, I was not. I want chocolate! Especially if it is the Marks and Spencer Hello Kitty Easter Egg! Instead I shall leave you with a popular chocolate cocktail from work. It is just alcohol! No mixers here.

Chocolate Martini (makes 2)
2 shots of vodka
2 shots of  baileys
Shake with ice & strain into a Martini Glass. Nommm. Or into a smaller glass over ice!

Now, must paint my nails for work. Priorities!

Zoey xox

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  1. Chocolate martini sounds fab! Good luck with the dissertation too :)

    Maria xxx