19 April 2011

Have you met Miss Jones?

So, everyone seems to have a lovely blog these days.Thought I'd attempt one, again. I don't have a camera, the fifth one I bought died a painful death in a pint of vodka. Instead I have my trusty Blackberry, this is also my fifth Blackberry. The other four decided to vanish on nights out in Lancaster, pesky thing.  So what will I even blog about? I currently live with my boyfriend in a single bedroom. It is interesting, but necessary for the next two months. It does mean I have to live out of a tiny pink suitcase and a small pink make-up case. Oh and the other three big shopper bags and two other make-up cases. I tried.

I am usually this grumpy looking.


I should be writing a dissertation and revising but spend most of my life painting my nails and going to work. Prefer serving drunken louts to writing about the schools of Afghanistan. Models Own isn't actually a favourite of mine, I like the shades but the how it goes on the nail differs vastly between bottles. Rimmel 60 Second nail varnish is however. Good for base colours like grey and black. I don't have pretty long manicured nails or perfect cuticles. Working in a bar and food shop means lots of opening boxes and destroying my nails.

I am twenty two but still love Hello Kitty, not in an over the top OMG way. Just love Hello Kitty. I would never wear an item of clothing devoted to Hello Kitty but will let my phone and nails show my love of all things cute pink and girly. I do enjoy a good Blackberry theme and like to discover new apps which is harder for a Blackberry as of course Android and iPhone devices are more popular and have more applications. Oh and if you can forgive the shocking battery my current Bold 9780 has.

Daisy Gin? Well the cocktail is in fact a Gin Daisy but I always get it confused in my head. 2 shots Gin, half a shot Grenadine,  1 shot Lemon Juice. Shake and strain over ice and then top with soda.

So, we'll see.

Zoey xox

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