14 May 2013

One True Base

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(L-R Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum / Laura Mercier / YSL / Bourjois)

 I have given up trying to find my perfect foundation, I now have one of four which I go to depending on situation or what type of day I have ahead. One is pefect for a night out, no SPF so no dreaded ghost face but others have amazing staying power. I have blemish prone dry skin, I am always the lightest shade of "drug store" brands, Ivory by Rimmel for example is always too orange but am not the palest of skin tones. My boyfriend describes me as "porcelain"

YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat foundation BD20 - This was all over the blog world a while ago, so I hopped down to Boots and got myself colour matched and picked up a sample. The sales assistant matched me to B30 which was far too dark. A few months ago my skin was especially dull and I needed a foundation to give me a boost so was colour matched again and an amazing lady in House Of Fraser spent ages with me picking the right shade. I was bang in the middle of BD10 and BD20 so opted for the darker shade as I can sometimes look ill when wearing an exact match! It applies beautifully and is my foundation choice for a night out.

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation Cream Ivory - Another hyped product, but it was Rebecca's glowing recommendation which made me shell out. The first time I applied it I felt a little disappointed as it looked a little caked on. However a few goes and I realised a little went a long way. The colour is a little off, I think I could easily go down a shade. As you can see from the swatches it is a lot thicker than the rest of the foundations and really important to work it into the skin. 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Very Light - First thing first, this isn't very light. It is fine for my skin, but the main amazing thing about this is the coverage! Oh my gosh. I have quite a few scars from acne and have to apply concealer and then foundation every day, this helps me skip that step on placement mornings. It also lasts and lasts through a 12 hour shift and does not move until I remove it in the evening. This isn't for the light hearted. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix 51 - Bourjois have recently changed the formula of this slightly to "provide more radiance". This is my ulitmate slap it on and go foundation. I just wish it lasted longer on my skin, even setting with powder doesn't seem to help. It also doesn't provide me with quite enough coverage but is perfect during the summer months when I can imagine the ones above making my face feel very full of make up. I don't need to say more as this is a well loved foundation all over.

So which will I buy again? Estee Lauder Double Wear Max for those full coverage days and my make up bag will never be without Healthy Mix. This must be around my 8th bottle. I'm trying more and more to improve the state of my skin under my foundation these days in a hope I won't feel I need as high coverage.

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  1. Allways want to try the laura mercier one, but it's soooo expensive...mmmhh...