06 May 2013

Oh hello there


I'm slowly getting back into blogging, it makes a lovely break from placement and uni work. A nice little hobby! I'm not going to start doing weekly catch ups but thought a little catch up from this year so far would be nice. 

♥  I started 2013 in Cardiff with one my best friends and have seen her only once since, if only trains were cheaper. I am currently driving a 206 which isn't very economical and has a tendency to break down (I am the only one who uses my families RAC membership, they no longer get discounts on renewal!) so not really feeling a 300 mile trip! It is bad enough to drive the 50 mile round trip to placement in.

♥ We  two beautiful cats, one is a complete fluff ball who wakes you up at 5am by biting your feet. The other is old beyond her years and just sits in the corner watching. Creepy cat.

♥  Currently making a conscious effort to eat healthier, slow cooker recipes are my friend. Especially freezer ones, where you can have a session of filling up bags with something like a nice sausage casserole, freeze it, defrost the night before putting in the slow cooker and when you come home from work / uni it is sitting waiting for you to eat! I've also started doing Weight Watchers after seeing some of the success over on  Where Are My Knees. A diet where you can eat cheese? Awesome. 

♥  March saw the worst snow I have ever seen, apparently some of the worst snow to hit Huddersfield in years and years. We live up a hill on a small farm so leaving the house was impossible unless you had a tractor. We were stuck in the house for 4 days until I started to get severe cabin severe and set out for the shop to buy wine and chocolate. 

♥  Most of my days are currently spent on placement, however organised I try to be I end up with lots of crap everywhere. I seem to carry around most of my make up collection and far too many pens. A new fringe means I also have to carry a comb / brush everywhere! 

All in all life is good, my course is hard work but I know at the end of it I will be a nurse and doing what I truly truly want to do.

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