01 February 2012

A quick catch up

Oh hello there. So I neglected this poor little blog, I quit my call centre job (bye insurance!) and have started work back as a team leader in a supermarket, thank god. I am a retail girl through and through. 

001 Ordered some amazing nails from Dainty Nails when the lovely Charlene was running a buy one get one free offer. Love them, saving them for a night out, no falsies or nail varnish allowed in supermarket land!

002 Had a lovely trip home, my car is broken yet again so it needed some tender loving care. Meant I got to spend the weekend looking after my aunt's lovely puppy, Al. He is a nutter and tiny. The poor thing was stood on by his owners, they took him to my mum's vets but then left him when they found out he would need an operation to fix his broken leg. The Police signed the dog over to my mum as they had also illegally docked his tail so he is now living with my aunt and uncle. He spent the first few weeks with his leg in a cast but it never bothered him! 

003 Other fun things, Lucky Charms for Christmas, old school apps on my phone, found out I don't suit pale pink lipstick, broken laptop and a fun night of pub golf with old uni friends. 

So, time to get a routine back!

Zoey xox

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