20 November 2011

Photo Dump 13

- I have at last finished training and have now started my job for real. Hello 12-8pm shifts and every wednesday off. I have joined the gym with a friend in order to try and do something more than get home from work, clean, tidy, watch crap on tv then go to bed.
- Meet Bumblebean, we decided to get a little pet to keep us company. He's only little and not very tame but is very cute.
- The second bedroom has turned into my walk in mess. I really need to have a massive makeup and clothes sort out, it is now out of control. Now I'm not leaving the house at 8.30am every morning I have more time to actually put the 10 dresses I try on every morning back in the wardrobe.
- Manchester is cold and it is only going to get worse. Spotted these cute gloves in Tesco for £5 and had to buy them. Sporting the Boots 17 Magnetize nail varnish here, I have since lost the magnet. It must be somewhere, I'm just not sure where.

- I also went to see Claire last weekend as she was in Manchester. Need to pay a trip over the Irish Sea soon and go see her lovely face. The photo has been shamelessly stolen from Claire's facebook, she does after all have a much better camera than my phone.


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