30 November 2011

Matalan Love

 Boots, £25
Hair Band, £2.50

My flat is right behind Matalan, which means I can't resist just popping in for a look. I'm currently on a strict budget so no buying, but still love to look much to the confusion of my boyfriend. The first two outfits are perfect for work, I love that my work dress code means I can just wear what I usually would. Nice dresses, tights and a cardigan are all fine. I was scared that it was going to be business business, i.e horrible black trousers and a shirt. 

Currently trying to keep on top of bills and get into a routine. Sitting in my freezing cold flat I haven't mastered the heating in the living room but could no longer sit in bed!

Zoey xox


  1. I looooove Matalan! All those dresses are gorgeous, I'm going to have to pop in some time soon!


  2. Ah I'm so glad I don't live near any shops, I'd be in everyday! The nearest asda is about ten minutes away and even that's too much of a temmptation!
    Love the last dress, the price is really reasonable too


  3. I adore all these outfits, the second one is my favourite ;) I had no idea matalan was this good, there isnt one near me so I havent been in one in years! Might have to have a browse on the website now though! xx