02 August 2013

A Make Up Counter Grumble

I have had a few unpleasant experiences at cosmetic counters in stores, as have most people. Being matched to the wrong shade foundation and told it looks amazing only to realise when you step outside you are as orange as the counter assistant. Dawn had a horrible experience in Boots when they applied foundation with an old, unwashed brush. Now I've worked in retail and sales, not saying they are the best jobs in the world but some basic customer service would help. There are only a few things I buy from higher end brands, foundation being one. I know what shade suits me, I know what shade I am. A lady on the YSL counter tried to convince me the foundation I was wearing made me look ill as it was too pale. She insisted on applying a new foundation that made me look I had fallen in the mud. 

Many people I know try to go to Boots first thing in the morning to grab things they need to avoid the awful sales pitch and pestering. Last week I went to pick up an eyeshadow from MAC, I picked up of the shelf and walked toward the counter. Like in a normal shop. As I walked across a staff member grabbed it out of my hand, no idea why. No eye contact and just asked for the money. In stark contrast to the service I had at the MAC in Harvey Nichols, a lovely woman helped me find the perfect red lipstick to give to my sister.

The growth in beauty blogs and endless swatching means you don't need to spend as long at a beauty counter, basically grab your shade and go. I like going to Boots, having a dabble with the testers and walk out with a few treats. I have a fairly small "high end" collection. I think many blushers and nail varnishes are just as good at the £5 price point as £20, with the growth in online retail maybe counters might change and become more accessible.


  1. I totally feel you! One day I went to Sephora and I was looking for a new foundation and the girl who worked in there put me one and as soon as I got out of the door, my dad was waiting for me outside and when we saw me he almost fell off the street chair he was sitting at..and he politely said "well... you suddenly look a little bit more tanned...." hahaha I was looking so awful, the color was totally wrong on me!! Anyways, I got my right shade right now, but when these things happens is so annoying!

  2. I usually avoid any sort of eye contact and like to browse on my own, only to be pestered anyway... and then today, when I actually wanted colour matching, there wasn't a staff member in sight! Typical

    Antonia xo