30 July 2013

Thick Hair Problems


Now first things first, I am not moaning about having thick hair. I inherited thick hair from my dad and have grown to love it. When I was a child I used to go swimming a lot and used to hate the neck ache my wet hair would cause. Booking a cheap child's haircut? Not a chance. My gran had to ring them and warn them to allow twice the time as a normal child. The day my mum learnt to french plait was an awesome, no more heavy ponytail.

I've never had my hair below shoulder length, I have always had a fringe may it be a side one or full fringe. I once had really short layers cut in, when everyone had that awful Toni & Guy mullet but other than that long thick hair. And always dyed! My hair is naturally dark brown but I have probably dyed it since I was 15. It might be grey underneath for all I know! So how do I look after it?

I always just buy a cheap cleansing shampoo, at the minute Tresseme's is £2 in Tesco, removes all the product build up ready to start again. I then use a conditioner for dry or coloured hair. My usual favourite is John Frieda's Full Repair. Happy Hair Days conditioners were on offer in Sainsbury's (seeing a theme here) so am currently using them. They smell AMAZING. Especially the marshmallow and coconut one.

Organix Moroccon Argan Oil & Brazilian Keratin Therapy Anti-Breakage Serum - My hair gets very dry, probably from all the hair dying and excessive use of heat. I alternate between them however the Brazilian Keratin one has an amazing coconut smell thanks to coconut oil. They leave my hair beautifully smooth and manageable. They are also free from many of the nasties you find in most conditioners. 

Managing - Hair donuts are awesome, I really don't enjoy the slicked back tight bun look. I prefer mine to be slightly messy. I am currently getting back into braids, so easy to hide a full thick fringe in this weather. I am trying to stop drying it and then straightening my hair, I love the smooth straight look. I can't go to bed with my hair wet in a bun and wake up with curls as my hair would still be soaking wet. In fact I could spend all day with wet hair if I didn't dry it.

We all wish we had different hair, I know I did when I was in my early teenagers as I had no idea how to manage my hair. Neither did hairdressers, whenever changing hairdresser they would comment that they did not know what to do with long hair. Ah thanks for the vote of confidence guys!



  1. I've had the same problem with hairdressers and my hair! x

  2. I envy people with thick hair! Mine is somewhere in between xx

  3. Your hair is stunning!
    I have thick hair too, can't sleep with it wet or it'll still be famous at lunchtime the next day. I like it though, I lost quite a lot of it a few years ago when I was ill and was so happy when it grew back properly! :)

    Jess xo

    1. Famous? Obviously that was supposed to be damp.....

  4. Well, I really love the hairstyles you show here! And by the way, you look really cute in the second picture :)