05 December 2011

Photo Dump 14

- Won an amazing give-away from Sarah at Friday is Forever, the chocolates were amazing.
- Drunk cooking is something I should have left behind with my student days, alas no. Pasta eaten out of a jug and pizza eaten on a chopping board.
- Have at last joined the gym, my skin has gone completely mad since moving to Manchester so hoping some exercise and lots of water will help my body go back to normal! 
- Sidekick out of Champagne glasses? Why not.
- I need this car in my life, it is glorious. I keep typing "pink car" into ebay and come up with beauties such as this.

A camera is on the pay day wish list, a £50 job from Asda however. Although it is very much a wish list as Christmas shopping must commence. 

Zoey xx

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