02 June 2015

Seventeen Cheek & Lip Stain

Liquid or gel blush can be really hard to work with, the ever cult Benetint is so watery that if you don't apply it quickly and carefully you end up with red water stains down your cheeks. I've tried many from different brands and never really got along with them, traditional blusher will always be my favourite.

So why bother trying another product? Well why not. These from Seventeen who have some wonderful products but also some that are just too gimmicky, cheek stamp anyone? These are by no means a unique or innovative product, most brands now have a multi purpose cheek / lip product.  I haven't used a gel cheek tint before, a quick search around the internet show Pixi also have a Cheek Gel.

Packaging wise, it is in squeezable tube with a sponge "applicator" at the end. Not sure how you would ever apply blush like this though, far too much product would come out and it would be impossible to blend. Instead I found the most effective way was to apply with a stippling brush and blend it in. You have to work fast, it is very thick but not that pigmented.  The sponge applicator is not exactly hygienic. Usually I'm a stickler for ensuring there are proper swatches but I've lost that photo and have already thrown these in the bin. There wasn't much to show anyway.

Basically not worth the faff.

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