27 August 2014

iPad Apps for Studying

I am incredibly lucky to have an iPad to help with my studies, I am forever disorganised so it really helps to have all my notes in one place and of course everything is backed up to a cloud (whichever you choose, just make sure your work is backed up somewhere!) I have rounded up a few of my favourite apps that make lectures just that little bit easier.

GoodReader - 69p (Limited time, usually £6.99)
I have spent far too much of my life printing 100s of pages of journals and attacking them with a highlighter, it was the only way I can research for writing an essay. This app lets you do this but without the printing. Once highlighted the important and relevant can either be emailed to your or printed so you just have one page of relevant quotes. Great for reading, managing and annotating any pdfs! You can also create notes from scratch but I much prefer another app for that, taking me onto the next app.

Notability -  £1.99
Did you go to university expecting epic lectures you've seen in all the films? Instead you are paying thousands of pounds to view some wonderful power points. If you are lucky enough to have a lecturer who puts the slides up before then this app is perfect. You can import powerpoint slides and then write and annotate directly onto them. My other main use for this app is writing up any lecture notes, you can easily import photos from the internet as well as record your lecturer from the app. Basically the best £2 you could spend to keep on top of all your lectures. 

Idea Sketch - Free
I haven't used this app too much, however it is incredibly useful for creating essay plans if you like to create a "mind map" or whatever they are called these days (showing my age..). It is very intuitive to use, easily able to switch between colours and shapes. I downloaded a few of these type of apps, this was however by far the best and most user friendly.

Sunrise - Free 
I discovered this app completely by accident, our university calendar is via google however it wouldn't show up on the native iOS calendar. I downloaded every single calendar app that was free and this was just awesome. It is better than the iOS calendar by far, more user friendly, nicer to look at. Syncs instantly with google and can even be accessed from your desktop.

Honourable mentions
Evernote - I know lots of people love this app for organising recipes and lectures, my friend Kirsty uses it for writing essays
Wunderlist - The best to do / list making app ever.

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