07 May 2014


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A month ago when I was feeling rubbish and poorly my sister and I booked a little trip to London. She had never been before so wanted to do all the touristy things like visiting the Queen. We stayed in Greenwich and managed to work out London transport every day to get to where we wanted to go. My sister loved the tube and the DLR after mastering which side of the escalator to stand on and how to tap in and out successfully. The forever country girl is already planning her next trip back.

We ate lots of lovely food, Wahaca was as lovely as everyone said and as instagram-able (that is a word, promise) as I imagined. Our feet hurt, we ate too much food and got lost trying to find Hyde Park but all in all two northerners did just fine in London. Even if we didn't really know where we were about 100% of the time.

We stupidly decided to go in the Easter Holidays which made everything about 100 times busier, the queues for the museum's were ridiculous so we didn't get to see the Dinosaurs as we really didn't want to stand in a queue for over an hour. How very un-British of us.

The weather was beautiful, we even had a picnic in Hyde Park. We are basically the people all Londoners hate but we had a wonderful time


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